Conceria Full Skin

Founded in 2001 in the district of Solofra, the company Full Skin originates from the experience of half a century of activity in the tanning industry.


Our origins

The story of the D'Alessio family in the tanning world has its roots in the second half of the twentieth century with Eugenio D'Alessio, who passed down his passion for the tanning industry to his children.

Full Skin originates from the experience gained by Eugenio and the creativity of his son Francesco who, since 2001, has been giving the company a new impulse.

Located in the tanning district of Solofra (AV), Full Skin Srl has managed to develop, thanks to the love to produce high quality leather, a new business model suitable for the reality of the Italian fashion system, thus gaining a prominent position on the international stage.

Indeed, this tannery is willing to lend its know-how for orders and consultancies also in China and the United States, thus opening to the global market.